"Movies are the most powerful empathy machine of all the arts." 

-Roger Ebert


10.The Act of Killing


8.Drinking Buddies

7.The Wolf of Wall Street

6.Upstream Color


My top 5 means a lot to me personally. They inspire and influence the way I watch movies and view life. My love for cinema grows more and more each day, thanks to all the people who played a part in making these amazing stories come to life.


5.Inside Llweyn Davis 

The Coen brothers created a sad yet funny folk song. I love the use of bleak colors and lighting, that really makes the characters blend in with the background; it perfectly establishes the movie’s tone and self defeating musician played by Oscar Issac, who gives an amazing performance. Cinematography among one of my favorites from 2013.

4.Frances Ha

Like a modern French New Wave film but with first world problems. Baumbach and Gerwig perfectly captures the essence of awkwardness, self-doubt, codependency, and relationships.

3. The Spectacular Now

This movie hits home for me. Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley portrayal of teenagers is raw and real. It reminds me of what it was like to be young, in love, and dumb. Although the movie’s main theme is not about love/romance, it’s about a more important exploration, the consequences of living in the moment.

2. 12 Years a Slave

A truly heartbreaking and brutal interpretation of american history. McQueen leaves nothing to your imagination. Every shot is meticulously composed. Where most directors would cut away, mcqueen doesn’t, making scenes and performances more powerful.


Thank you.

This movie is the perfect blend of fruit smoothie. 

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this film. I love you guys.


1.lady lamb the beekeeper - ripely pine

2.kanye west - yeezus

3.Volcano choir - repave

4.chvrches - the bones of what you believe

5.rhye - woman

6.speedy ortiz - major arcana 

7.deafheaven - sunbather

8.darkside - psychic

9.the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die - whenever if ever

10.chance the rapper - acid rap

Albums I dug this year but from previous years

born ruffians - red yellow and blue

miles davis - kind of blue

st vincent - strange mercy

real estate - days

james blake - james blake

fleet foxes - fleet foxes

Yellowcard #highschoolsweetheart (at House of Blues)

1. Upstream Color



3.Pacific Rim


4.Only God Forgives


5.The Place Beyond the Pines


Single and ready to mingle!


It was our first time.


a minimalistic piano cover of “beth/rest” from bon iver’s self-titled (2011). click here to download.

this is the third time i’ve covered it, and will be the last. i never liked this song until i heard the version, “bon iver on world cafe” on npr. then i loved it. i based my cover more on his piano solo version than the album version.

something interesting i learned about the bon iver lp is that vernon thinks of the thing as a coherent timeline sort of piece. “perth” being like beginnings, birth and “beth/rest” being like ending, death. always in love with artists who do this. it’s incredibly inspiring that some are making terrific, standalone songs that also fit in as a bigger piece, a bigger arch in a complete album. and the album also means something. pieces of smaller pieces. then you’re combing the art, the physical artwork with the music, and the words. sounds, images, words. it’s plainly awe to me. it’s something i really want to be able to do. finding word-makers and art-makers and music-makers and big themes made of small stories, people and places. ah.

errant heat to the star
and the rain let in
the hawser rolls, the vessel’s whole and christ, it’s thin

well i’d know that you’d offer
would reveal it, though it’s soft and flat
won’t repeat it, cull and coffer’s that
for the soffit, hang this homeward
pry it open with your love
sending lost and alone standing offers

it is steep / it is stone
such recovery
from the daily press, the deepest nest, in keeper’s keep

all the news at the door
such a revelry
well, it’s hocked inside of everything you said to me

it was found what we orphaned
didn’t mention it would serve us picked
said your love is known
i’m standing up on it

aren’t we married?!
i ain’t living in the dark no more
it’s not a promise, i’m just gonna call it

heavy mitted love

our love is a star
sure some hazardry
for the light before and after most indefinitely

danger has been stole away

this is axiom


as far as the words go. i can never tell with him, so i looked it up in some interviews.

just vernon on “beth/rest,”

“eventually, you start waking up to the fact that you might be ready to spend your life with somebody and still feel good about who you are and what kind of changes you’re going to go through no matter what. and ‘beth/rest’ is that reward. it’s that place you get to be in for the rest of your life… what’s weird is that the record was imagined before any of this new personal relationship stuff had happened. i’m in a really good, loving relationship right now. it’s really rewarding. but what’s weird is that the songs kind of came as this predecessor, as an invitation, to tell myself that i was open to it and knowing that there wasn’t going to be somebody coming along who’s going to change me and want to change who i was. and they were going to let me be who i want to be and like me for it. then it sort of just happened as soon as i finished writing the song.”

timely, perfect. fitting, too, looking from a to b, the timeline of my own experience with this song. perfect and fitting. first time was one grand, sloppy mess of a recording. all parts done at once, detuned piano, horrible florescent lights, etc. newborn baby recording. this time, this time was careful, groomed, cropped, grown. and much like vernon’s remarks on writing the song and then experiencing the song - timely, perfect, fitting.

little, fake bedroom studio.

anyway, it’s been fun this week to take a break from the full band stuff and do a little on my own. now i’m looking forward to getting back into the deadwood stuff coming up here.

“‘for i know the plans i have for you,’ declares the lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

~jeremiah 29:11

this song is for fitting.